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Lucid Dream Discourses

Lucid Dream Discourses

Thank you for visiting Stephen Berlin’s Lucid Dream Discourses. This page provides links to preferred websites that feature my so-called “cult classic” video series. Additional links are also provided which point to my current participation in social media.

Topics in my video presentations include Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming and Transcendent States of Consciousness accessible through your dreams. I don’t attribute paranormal, religious or other interpretations to my content. The eleven episodes are each approximately nine minutes in length. Originally released in 2007, their relevance and value hasn’t aged. With over 1500 subscribers on YouTube, they might be worth a click or two for a few of you.
Behind the scenes here at, I’ve kept my videos updated and viable in their technical specifications. In 2017, I re-released the entire series with a more sophisticated sphinx graphic to replace my long-serving “cursive serpent.” Enhanced video renderings were implemented to improve their display. Having completed that, I importantly kept all of my original 2007 Cursive Serpent videos posted to archive the series history.  I encourage you to scroll back far enough to find them for their abundance of entertaining viewer comments.
Not surprising to me, the urge to do more videos hasn’t waned. If I do continue the series, my talks will no longer specifically pertain to lucid dreaming.  Now, at 74 years, my favorite and ultimately final pastime is unraveling the contrivances of human thought and conditioning which so convincingly establish in each of us an individual sense of “self.”  Nonduality is fascinating and potentially contagious, so be forewarned before subscribing.
Below is the Table of Contents for my Lucid Dream Discourses. LINKS TO THESE VIDEOS AND TO MY SOCIAL NETWORK PAGES ARE PROVIDED IN THE SIDEBAR TO YOUR RIGHT AND AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. Thank you for watching. /Stephen

Discourse No. 1 – Dream Journal Jump Start
Discourse No. 2 – Love and Disgust Transcendence
Discourse No. 3 – Revelation Fire Transcendence
Discourse No. 4 – The Myth of Myths Transcendence
Discourse No. 5 – Beloved Lover Transcendence
Discourse No. 6 – Day Residue in Dreams
Discourse No. 7 – Faulty Logic in Dreams
Discourse No. 8 – False Remembrance in Dreams
Discourse No. 9 – The Dynamics of Dream Emergence
Discourse No. 10 – Navigation in Dreams
Discourse No. 11 – Lucid Dream Induction Devices